Big News for Aspiring Student Athletes: A Five-Time Olympian Has Joined The Crimson Team

11/12/20204 minute read
Big News for Aspiring Student Athletes: A Five-Time Olympian Has Joined The Crimson Team

One of New Zealand’s greatest olympians, Barbara Kendall, has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Crimson Global Academy (CGA) to champion the education pathway for student athletes. Barbara will lead purpose-built programs to help all students develop a high-performance mindset, build resilience and think globally.

How many high school students can say their curriculum is designed by a board which includes a world-renowned athlete and five-time olympian? Not many — but the 150+ students enrolled at Crimson Global Academy soon will.

Barbara Kendall

Barbara Kendall is a champion windsurfer and the only New Zealand woman to compete at five Olympic Games, winning three Olympic medals including the gold in Barcelona in 1992. She also has 11 world championship medals and 25 national championship medals under her belt! Suffice to say, she understands the dedication it takes to compete in sports at a high level; which makes her an invaluable asset to the Crimson community.

We know better than most that balancing competitive sports with high-caliber academics is no easy feat — especially in the traditional school environment. Between school work, extracurriculars and sports, it can be difficult to dedicate as much time and effort to each area as you should. Especially when it comes time to apply to universities, with the addition of standardized tests, essays, interviews and more on your already-full plate!

That’s why Crimson is thrilled to share Barbara’s appointment to the CGA Advisory Board: because we’re committed to helping our students manage their time and resources as best as they can to achieve their long-term goals, from high school to university and beyond.

Even for those whose passions do not lie in athletics, Barbara’s contributions to the CGA framework will inspire and enable students to develop a high-performance mindset, build resilience and think globally. When it comes to college admissions and crafting applications that stand out, these qualities are essential for athletes and non-athletes alike!

In the words of Crimson Founder and CEO Jamie Beaton, “Barbara Kendall has the winner’s mentality that CGA is trying to foster, and is one of the few people who understands what it takes to consistently excel on the world stage. Online education is far better than just dropping out or skipping classes to train. With her guidance, CGA can help untether students from the traditional classroom and instead offer pathways to ensure young athletes can achieve academically as well as in their chosen sport or cultural pursuit.”

At Crimson we have assisted many students academically and athletically throughout the college recruitment process, with 100% of Crimson student athletes receiving 3 or more recruitment offers including over 200 offers to the Ivy League! Our team will be even stronger with the addition of a distinguished athlete like Barbara, whose expertise are sure to ripple through CGA and beyond.

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